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Study finds lack of digital security awareness among Millennials

31 October 2017 - 08:53 by Sarah Collinson

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In spite of the fact that people who fall into the Millennial generation were raised at a time when the internet was available to almost everyone, a report from T-Systems published this month suggests that they are less adept than their older counterparts when it comes to staying safe online.

One of the main issues at play here seems to be complacency, as Millennials tend to assume that they are more clued-in to security risks than those from earlier generations and, as such, are less likely to be able to work or carry out safe shopping online without putting themselves at risk.

Half of the under-35s questioned in the report said that they were very knowledgeable when it comes to IT security; much higher than the average across all age groups. When this claim was put to the test, it was proven to be false.

Almost three quarters of Millennials said that they do not regularly switch passwords on important online accounts. For those older people questioned, this proportion of slack password changers fell to 65 per cent.

More Millennials choose to re-use login information across multiple web-based services, from sites offering safe shopping online to platforms they use as part of their professional life.

Furthermore, the study suggests that there is a gender divide, with men being more confident but less competent in practical terms, failing to live up to claims of security aptitude when it comes to the crunch.

Because of this, it seems sensible to ensure that better education and training are provided to ensure that people of all ages are able to stay safe online. This will help to break down the unearned confidence that younger people have in their skills and ensure that the playing field is level.