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Start-up retailer addresses issues with online fashion shopping

13 March 2015 - 11:55 by Sarah Collinson

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A new start-up, called Widerooms, is currently gearing up to launch a new approach to buying clothing online, with the hope being that it will appeal to consumers who find it hard to pick items of the correct size and style from the web.

RetailWeek reports that the firm is planning to roll out its service in September this year, allowing people to effectively try out products before they commit to a purchase.

This will work by having people pick a range of fashion items through the Widerooms website. The company will then pay for the garments and have them delivered to one of a number of retail locations, which are being referred to as luxury customer lounges.

These bricks and mortar outlets will give shoppers the opportunity to try on the fashion items in person before they decide whether or not they are worth a full investment. And because the company will source its products from a range of major labels and brands, there should be a lot of choice on offer.

This try before you buy approach is not something that has existed in the e-commerce market before, although many consumers have adopted similar habits themselves, by ordering multiple garments in different sizes and then returning the ones they do not want.

Widerooms will be entering the market via a number of shopping centres in the UK, as well as through its online presence, where customers can actually pick out products.

The advantage of being able to choose from a range of different brands will surely be seen as a key selling point of this business, although whether the luxury element of the proceedings will allow it to gain traction in the UK, remains to be seen.