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Starbucks refreshes e-commerce site

09 August 2011 - 10:50 by Paul Tissington

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High street coffee outlet Starbucks is not the first brand you would think of when considering safe shopping online, but nonetheless it has recently revived its e-commerce store to make it secure, engaging and accessible for UK consumers.

The Starbucks site is largely used to sell various coffees, teas and related accessories to those who simply cannot get enough of the chain's beverages. It also deals in related merchandise so you can show off your affiliation with the brand.

Starbucks has been a huge success across the world and now it is hoping to branch out into e-commerce so that it can continue to grow and interact with customers on multiple platforms.

While you can head to the Starbucks site and make one-off purchases, the revised functions can now allow you to schedule regular deliveries of coffee and tea to your home, so that you are never running low on the brown stuff.

Spokesperson,Stephen Gillett, explained that Starbucks had asked customers what they wanted to see change on the website and as a result of these answers various improvements had been instigated.

Starbucks is one of the many retailers that looks to its customers when sourcing ideas for enhancements. Often it is difficult to discover the areas in which a website is failing until real consumers have pointed them out, so this is a sensible move for any e-commerce outlet.

The company is being particularly savvy in offering customers what is essentially a subscription coffee delivery service. This will get them hooked to making regular purchases with the firm and is a good money making scheme for Starbucks while being convenient for the consumer who can enjoy the coffee they love every day.

Rivals of Starbucks may need to take heed of its focus on safe shopping online if they are to compete over the coming years.