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Social media influences health and beauty purchases

20 April 2017 - 09:42 by Graham Miller

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Millions of people around the world are increasingly making use of social media platforms to find out about new products and get advice before they buy. Now a fresh report from Mobile Makeover has revealed that the health and beauty sector is feeling the influence of this trend more than most.

Analysts found that 62 per cent of people buying products like makeup, hairspray and associated accessories will turn to platforms like Instagram and YouTube to seek out prospective items to purchase via safe shopping online. As a result, it is no surprise that social media firms are attempting to integrate better e-commerce features so they can capture some of this burgeoning market.

Seventy four per cent said that they regularly watched how-to videos which provide instructions on how to achieve the best results with the products that are available. This means that brands can receive promotion indirectly as a result of this kind of exposure, or through pre-planned ad agreements with influential vloggers and Instagram stars.

In this instance, it is clear that videos are the most powerful medium via which retailers and brands can engage with their customers, since tips and tricks for product use are best delivered via this medium. Many companies have attempted to jump on this bandwagon directly by launching their own social media channels which offer instructional content, but it is often the independent personalities which emerge organically that manage to win the most attention.

The web has presented myriad marketing opportunities to the retail sector, although the somewhat fragmented nature of social media means that funneling the enthusiasm for health and beauty engagement into actual sales via safe shopping online is an art, which not all outlets have managed to master with consistent levels of success.