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Shopping Searches Reveal Hottest Back to School Products

14 September 2017 - 10:52 by Graham Miller

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Parents searching online for items they need to buy their kids ahead of the start of the school term this year have provided an insight into current consumer trends, with analysis carried out by Hitwise highlighting especially successful brands.

Interestingly there has been a slight pick-up in searches for iPads this year, with interest more than doubling compared with the same period in 2016. This suggests that while demand from Apple’s tablet has been in decline, it is still seen as a useful educational tool.

The Nintendo Switch has been a big winner amongst older kids, with those approaching university age more likely to be interested in this hybrid home console than those in younger brackets.

Apple scored more success as its smart watch was a search term used regularly by those looking to carry out safe shopping online as part of the back to school rush. Like the iPad, the Apple Watch has been treading water somewhat but could be set for a surge in popularity as wearables emerge from the shadows.

For those just starting school, fidget spinners have become the most important items on the wish lists of many kids, even if they have no value beyond entertainment. It is worth noting that they have also been outlawed in many educational institutions across the UK, so parents thinking about buying them via safe shopping online should think twice before letting their children take them into the classroom.

Just behind fidget spinners on this year’s search index were cameras from Polaroid, which enjoyed a 110 per cent increase in activity. This is a brand that seems to be increasing its profile once again, capturing a younger audience while also appealing to people who are familiar with its retro instant photography technology.