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Shop Direct takes fashion photography in-house

03 October 2012 - 10:59 by Sarah Collinson

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The Shop Direct Group controls a number of popular online retail outlets, including the likes of and Littlewoods.

It has now invested 1 million in the creation of a trio of dedicated studios, which will be used to allow photographers to shoot images of its latest product lines, so that they can be added to its outlets for safe shopping online as soon as possible.

Based in Liverpool, the three studios join a number of other large scale setups created in-house by Shop Direct, in order to help it provide its customers with the best possible service.

It has developed a video studio, a still life studio for home and leisure products and also a huge space in which clothing and footwear can be tested and snapped.

Shop Direct spokesperson, Mark Woods, explained that the world of e-commerce was so fast paced that being able to get images of your new ranges online before competitors, actually played a big part in how successful your brand would be.

He said that by creating spaces in which Shop Direct could carry out its own photo shoots as soon as clothing lines have been completed, it is better poised to take on competitors in the world of safe shopping online.

He also pointed out that consumers are now used to using the internet to find the latest trends and invest in relevant items from within this category as soon as possible, which is something that is made easier by having photography facilities in-house.

The internet has certainly allowed retailers to redefine fashion trends on a much more immediate basis.

Instead of styles gradually permeating the market, people can quickly discover the next big thing in a few seconds, no matter where they are in the world. This requires retailers to be as fast and flexible as possible.