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Security issues to consider as Windows XP support ends

31 March 2014 - 11:14 by Mike Price

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On the 8th of April, software giant Microsoft will be pulling the plug on Windows XP security updates, effectively meaning that no more major patches to protect people using the ageing operating system will be released after this date.

Since almost a third of PCs in use around the world still harness Windows XP, there will clearly be a bit of a deficit in data protection as a result, with some experts warning that hackers will have a field day exploiting the software, in an attempt to steal personal information.

Computers running XP are also likely to be targeted by those looking to form botnets of infected machines, which can then be put to work on criminal plots, without the knowledge of the innocent end user.

And it also seems inevitable that shopping online will be much harder if you still use Windows XP after this date.

However, in a recent article for Expert Reviews, a number of potential solutions to this issue are suggested for those who simply refuse to upgrade to one of Microsoft?s newer platforms.

Having an up to date antivirus suite installed is the best way to keep XP safe from common threats after the official Microsoft updates come to an end. This is because it will still be in the interests of antivirus developers to produce platforms that protect against the newest online threats, thanks to the significant slice of the public using XP.

Keeping all other software installed on the PC up to date is also a good idea, with web browsers being especially susceptible to compromise. If you want true safe shopping online, then getting a PC with Windows 7 or 8 onboard is sensible, but furnishing an XP-based machine with current versions of all programs can help too.