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Scottish youngsters prefer multichannel approach to retail

28 August 2013 - 10:19 by David Aiken

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While many studies have suggested that people born during the e-commerce boom may be prone to choosing safe shopping online over high street retail, a new survey conducted by Young Scott, suggests that this is not necessarily the case.

Three quarters of the 11 to 19 year olds questioned in the report revealed that they prefer visiting a bricks and mortar store when buying fashion items, DVDs and other products popular amongst teens, according to The Herald.

However, this does not mean that they are completely detached from the world of safe shopping online, as a similar proportion revealed that they also tend to research their purchases on the web, before heading out to the high street to complete the transaction.

Those questioned said that one of the main things preventing them from carrying out more of their shopping online was the fear that pricey products could be damaged and they would not find out until they had taken delivery of them.

Scottish youngsters also said that they like to head out to the high street because it gives them an opportunity to socialise with one another, which is something that is obviously harder to achieve in an e-commerce setting.

The multichannel approach to retail is expanding its influence on the market and with more and more teens owning smartphones, they have the ability to check up on products and compare prices online, while they are out and about in the town or city centre.

This is an empowering state of affairs for consumers, particularly in these cash-strapped times. Seventy five percent said that they have less than 1.50 of disposable income available to them each day, with half getting under 1, which means that they are being more frugal with their funds and using e-commerce to be discerning about where they shop on the high street.