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Scottish shoppers stuck between rock and hard place this Christmas

17 December 2010 - 13:58 by Mike Price

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Poor weather conditions in Scotland have had a significant impact on both safe shopping online and shopping on the high street, with millions now having to decide between braving the cold and tackling icy roads to visit the shops, or stay at home, order online and hope the delivery vans can make it out in time for the big day.

A total of nine major firms have had to halt all online shopping orders in Scotland and those that have continued to accept requests have consequently reshuffled their delivery time tables, because snowy weather has thrown previous plans into chaos.

Big name retails including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer all suffered online setbacks and with just a week's worth of shopping time left, the problems could leave many without their goods.

Initially, the cold weather had kept many at home, causing a significant boom in safe shopping online and giving high street retailers cause for concern, but now retailers in Scotland are hoping that problems with delivery will bring in more consumers, despite the dangerous conditions on the roads.

John Morton, who manages a shopping centre in Dundee, told local paper The Courier, that a boost in consumer numbers would be welcome and might well be expected due to delivery difficulties. He pointed out that many were waiting until the last minute to buy goods online, but said that those who could not be assured of pre-Christmas delivery, would have to head to the high street.

The cold weather had eased off earlier in the week, enticing many back out, according to Mr Morton. However, with more snow and bitter winds on the way, there could be more retail madness for Scottish consumers, whether they choose to shop online or on the high street.