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Schools will teach kids how to stay safe online

28 October 2014 - 11:03 by Graham Miller

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A new initiative supported by the National Crime Agency has been announced this month, aiming to make sure that future generations of internet users are able to use the web as safely and securely as possible.

From the age of 11, children at schools across the UK will be taught the skills which will help them to carry out safe shopping online, communicate effectively without putting themselves at risk of exploitation and keep their private information out of the reach of malicious third parties.

The extent of the education in cyber security techniques will be much more extensive than it has been in the past under the initiative. Youngsters will be instructed on simple subjects like password strength, as well as more complicated issues such as how online crimes are policed and how internet security systems work.

The internet offers both risks and rewards for children, who can use it as a powerful tool for education and socialising, while also being subjected to threats that they might not face elsewhere in their lives.

Experts are hoping that by instilling sensible practices at an early age, it will be possible to prepare children in the UK for a future in which the internet is even more influential than it is today, according to Sky News.

Security is not just an issue when attempting to carry out safe shopping online, but also while using social networking sites, instant messaging and a variety of other online services. And while kids of today may be more at home with digital technologies than older generations, they still need to learn about the best ways to use these resources safely and securely. This educational project should teach them all they need to thrive online in the future.