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Santander creates m-commerce wallet for all occasions

29 April 2014 - 12:26 by Paul Tissington

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The idea of using your smartphone as a digital wallet has gradually risen to prominence in the past couple of years, with banking apps being developed and NFC communication making contactless payment a possibility.

Now Santander claims to have built a new m-commerce payments application for its customers which it is describing as a 'superwallet'. It has gone live in Poland this month and is much more than a basic platform for carrying out transactions.

The idea is that the app is not just about paying for goods and services, but also about arranging for the delivery of certain items online.

Users will be able to choose to place orders for everything from floral arrangements to gig tickets and takeaway food, all through a single interface.

Superwallet customers will be doubly encouraged to use the service to shop from their smartphones because it benefits from the impressive security technologies deployed by Santander. So effectively, you can enjoy shopping online with the same level of protection as you would when using online banking.

In May the UK will be getting a similarly advanced m-commerce solution in the form of Paym, which is being spearheaded by the UK Payments Council, according to Banking Tech.

Poland has een chosen as a proving ground for Santander's offering because of its well developed m-commerce payments market. Almost three quarters of customers are expected to benefit from new mobile payment services and regulations this year, giving consumers all the more reason to embrace smartphone shopping.

While the number of people in the UK using mobiles for real world transactions is still in the minority, the expansion of NFC kiosks and the uptake of digital wallets will likely change this over the course of the year.