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Same day shipping offered by Asos

23 October 2017 - 11:16 by Paul Tissington

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Fans of fashion site, Asos, will be pleased to hear that they will now have the opportunity to get any clothing or accessories they order online delivered to their door the very same day, so long as they live in London.

Internet Retailing reports that the same day shipping service, known as Asos Instant, will be available to people across the capital, with the only caveat aside from the delivery location being that orders have to be placed prior to 10am.

Those who want to take advantage of Asos Instant will need to pay over £12.95 for the privilege, with this fee being applicable for each parcel that is sent. As a result, larger orders could become even more expensive.

In the short term, this scheme will be trialled in London, but there are plans to offer it in other cities elsewhere in the UK in the near future.

When it comes to delivery options, Asos is one of the most flexible and responsive e-commerce brands around at the moment. As well as standard shipping and click and collect, customers can also use Asos Precise, a service which enables them to re-route a package while it is in transit and even change the time of delivery if necessary.

Issues with delivery can be one of the biggest bones of contention for UK consumers who love safe shopping online because of the convenience it offers. But with platforms like Amazon Prime Now becoming more common, expectations are rising.

This week also saw Asos report that it is hoping to build its revenues further in the coming years, seeking to hit £4 billion annually. The launch of its same day delivery service will be just one of the stepping stones towards this goal.