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Same day grocery deliveries rolled out nationally by Tesco

31 July 2017 - 12:21 by Sarah Collinson

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Tesco customers who want to order their groceries via safe shopping online and receive them the very same day will soon be able to do so with ease now that the supermarket giant has confirmed its intentions to bring this service to 300 stores across the UK.

At the moment, only Londoners can benefit from same day grocery deliveries but, starting tomorrow, this will be an option for the majority of people in urban areas nationally, according to the Mirror.

The main caveat for the service is that orders need to be placed prior to 1pm; any later and they will be ineligible. The groceries will then be dropped off at the home of the customer at some time after 7pm, meaning that they could arrive fairly late into the evening.

Another small limitation is that customers who order groceries via safe shopping online with same day delivery selected will not be able to take advantage of the service if it is a Sunday, unless they happen to live in London.

The cost of same day delivery varies, with the cheapest option costing just £3, while the most expensive slots will be priced at a steeper £8 asking price.

One way to make the deliveries more affordable is to subscribe to Tesco’s Delivery Saver scheme, which costs £8 a month and means that any fees which are usually applicable can be removed for subsequent orders. It is similar to Amazon Prime, albeit without the access to additional digital services.

Tesco spokesperson, Adrian Letts, said that the three year trial of this scheme which has been running in the capital helped to prove that it could be a popular option if implemented around the country. This should make the firm’s online offerings more competitive as its rivals also up the stakes.