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Retailers Urged to Develop for the iPad

06 July 2012 - 15:06 by Sarah Collinson

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Millions of people have invested in an Apple iPad since the range was launched in 2010, which is perhaps why more and more sessions of safe shopping online are carried out via a tablet rather than a traditional laptop or desktop computer.

Technology expert Justin Kan, writing for TechCrunch, has now identified the benefits of using an iPad for e-commerce while also outlining how Apple's device will shape the future of the online shopping industry.

Mr Kan said that one of the reasons why retailers should look to the iPad when designing their next big e-commerce development is that using the tablet typically puts the consumer in a more relaxed frame of mind. This means they are more likely to actually make a purchase, as parting with cash will seem more natural and unforced.

However, he also said that many retailers are currently failing to adapt to the trend for tablets and are therefore missing out on lots of business.

While there are games and applications that competently offer up a variety of experiences on the iPad, Mr Kan believes that more could be done by retailers to exploit the potential of this emerging market.

Mr Kan said that while the iPad's browser can be used to carry out safe shopping online, this is often a less intuitive experience than it might be on a full PC because the tools of interaction are quite different.

He is an advocate of dedicated e-commerce apps that cater to the iPad's touchscreen interface and still offer the same level of functionality that is found elsewhere in the world of e-commerce.

Mr Kan is positive about the future of the iPad and tablets in general as tools for e-commerce, predicting that this type of device will continue to cause shifts in how people use the web.