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Ratings-based product selection planned for new Amazon outlet

27 September 2018 - 13:44 by Graham Miller

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After making a handful of forays into the bricks and mortar retail market with book stores, Amazon is planning to create a new type of high street experience with its latest concept which picks products according to the responses of its web-based customers.

Business Insider reports that the idea is to only stock items that have been granted at least a four star rating overall, with the average across the initial store hitting 4.4 stars to act as a guarantee of quality.

This trial location will be opening its doors today in New York City, and perhaps unsurprisingly the types of products that will be offered fall into a range of different categories.

This data-driven approach is an intriguing one, combining the benefits of independent feedback available via safe shopping online with the convenience and immediacy of bricks and mortar retail.

Amazon will also be taking advantage of information relating to the kinds of products that are especially popular in the geographic area surrounding the store, ensuring that locals will find what they need more often than not.

Interestingly enough the quirky shop concept will not be running on a short term basis, but will instead remain open for the foreseeable future, perhaps acting as the first in a growing chain of similar stores that might ultimately reach the UK.

Another innovation promised by the outlet is the inclusion of real time price updates, meaning that shoppers will get the same price whether they are buying on-premises or via safe shopping online.

The arrival of this store goes hand in hand with the ongoing rollout of Amazon Go, the land-based retail scheme which allows customers to visit shops that are completely automated, with no checkouts required and a range of convenience-style products on offer.