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Quicker Click & Collect Service Tested by Sainsburys

21 August 2017 - 15:06 by Graham Miller

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The ability to pick up groceries after ordering online on the same day has become a sought-after option amongst British consumers. Now supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is attempting to speed up the whole process, with the nation’s first ever 30 minute click and collect delivery service, according to Internet Retailing.

A small scale trial of the scheme is currently being carried out in London to see how viable it might be for a wider rollout.

The service works in conjunction with a smartphone app called Chop Chop, and a specific counter has been set up within a store to see how effectively this works.

There are limits to what can be ordered for 30 minute click and collect delivery, as you might expect. Customers can only choose a maximum of 25 products via safe shopping online, so it may not be suitable for an entire weekly shop but could be a quick way of grabbing groceries on the way home from work without having to wander around the aisles in person.

What makes this service even more appealing is the fact that Sainsbury’s is not currently charging for it, although this could change if it is implemented in its other stores.

Company spokesperson Clodagh Moriarty said that while price was important to consumers, it was necessary for Sainsbury’s to do more than just beat its rivals in this respect. By diversifying its delivery options and outdoing its rivals, it could improve both its online and in-store experiences.

There is already a one hour click and collect delivery service available from Sainsbury’s, and it is intending to yet again be the first supermarket to shorten this waiting time even more if the 30 minute option does prove to be acceptable in the trials.