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Problematic checkout experiences hobble online shopping

11 April 2017 - 12:08 by David Aiken

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A new study from Ovum and Klarna has found that the majority of retailers that offer safe shopping online in the UK believe it is an overly complicated or poorly designed checkout process that prevents many consumers from committing to e-commerce transactions.

Internet Retailing reports that the survey of outlets identified several stumbling blocks that get in the way of delivering a slick experience, with 40 per cent citing a poor selection of payment options as being the biggest of the bunch.

A similar proportion said that retailers often fail to offer customers the option to buy items using financing packages, which can be particularly compelling for high priced products, like consumer electronics and appliances. Unfortunately, 85 per cent also argued that it would be too costly for them to embrace this type of service.

Ninety eight per cent said that modern shoppers are eager to try out new ways of completing online transactions, so increasing the diversity of options available at the checkout makes sense. Of course on the other hand, this might lead to the checkout becoming more complicated, increasing friction rather than reducing it.

Respondents to the survey were generally in favour of the view that safe shopping online will account for 65 per cent of all sales in the retail sector within the next two years. Furthermore, they are well aware of the power that mobile now wields in this marketplace, hence the increased focus on catering to smartphone and tablet users.

The rise of younger generations who grew up in an age when internet shopping was the norm has helped to catalyse this shift. The under 35s make up more than 50 per cent of the sales across all retail and so engaging with them digitally is essential for all outlets.