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Poundland prepares for major e-commerce push

22 December 2015 - 14:23 by David Aiken

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Earlier this year budget high street chain, Poundland, entered the world of safe shopping online and the company is now gearing up to cope with the increased number of visitors that most successful retailers have to deal with during the Christmas period.

To this end, it has embraced a new hosting solution which should scale to meet the current levels of demand which its e-commerce site is facing. This means it should be able to account for seasonal spikes in shopping activity that occur regularly throughout the year.

Poundland spokesperson, Paul McDermott, revealed that the introduction of safe shopping online by the firm has actually seen a shift in the way that people take advantage of its low prices. While on the high street customers can pop in for one or two items, the imposition of a £4 delivery fee for online orders under £50 has meant that more people are choosing to buy in bulk.

This trend has encouraged the retailer to specifically cater to bulk orders with cases and boxes of various products, some of which do alter its ‘everything costs a pound’ mantra in the name of giving customers what they want.

McDermott said that because Poundland is a new arrival on the e-commerce market, the people in charge of its online store are essentially having to make adaptations in response to trends like this as and when they are necessary. This is because there is no historic data for the company to call upon, leading to trial and error in the early stages of its online expansion.

In spite of this, the company seems confident in its ability to find a place in the competitive world of e-commerce and its investment in a new hosting package is evidence of this.