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Popular products purchased with Amazon Prime Now revealed

02 September 2015 - 19:27 by Graham Miller

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Amazon Prime Now has been available in the UK for a little while now, with customers in London able to order items via the retailer’s website and have them couriered to their doorstep within an hour.

While the future of e-commerce may not lie in such a speedy delivery service, Amazon has revealed that there are a number of different products which are especially well suited to Prime Now. Or at least there are emerging trends in orders, which differ depending on the part of London which is being surveyed.

In the north of the capital, Prime Now was used by many people to order items which would be very useful in the event of a mini parenting emergency, including nappies and sanitary wipes for use on infants. Meanwhile in the south, the list of popular items included cosmetic products targeted at men, as well as items intended for use by those with pets.

The theme for male grooming and pet care persisted with orders in East London, while this young and hip part of the city also saw a spike in the sale of selfie sticks, which people apparently choose to order for delivery by Amazon Prime, presumably when wanting to snap an indulgent image in a hurry.

West London customers used Prime Now to buy books designed to help them improve the healthiness of their lifestyle, although Amazon did point out that another popular item to order via safe shopping online for quick delivery in this area was champagne.

Prime Now is just one part of Amazon’s emerging strategy to increase its relevance in the UK and elsewhere by changing the number of delivery options which are available to customers and ultimately convincing people that it is well worth paying for delivery.