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Physical media remains popular according to eBay study

21 November 2017 - 13:02 by Simon Crisp

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A survey of consumers from across the UK has revealed that although streaming services are on the rise, the majority of people still enjoy buying DVDs, books and even vinyl records via safe shopping online.

Furthermore, the report reveals that these types of physical media are actually more popular on average amongst younger buyers, falling into the 18 to 24 age category, than they are across the population as a whole. While three quarters of all Brits questioned said they had made at least one purchase of relevant products in the past 12 months, this rose to 83 per cent for those who grew up with internet access from an early age.

Analysts suggest that this switch back to physical media in spite of record-breaking numbers of people subscribing to Netflix and Amazon Prime may have a lot to do with the fact that consumers still place a lot of value on having a hard copy of a movie, game, novel or record they love. This same connection is harder to achieve if it is only available as a digital download.

People also prefer to buy physical items to give as gifts, rather than taking the digital route. This is helping to stop CDs and Blu-Rays from disappearing altogether and reflects the fact that there has been strong growth in the vinyl market in recent years.

Of course, because consumers in the UK can buy and compare physical media of all kinds via safe shopping online, it is eminently convenient to pick up a brand new item or delve into the classics. So people of all ages are helping to keep this part of the industry thriving while also embracing newer technologies which are a little more flexible and in keeping with the drive towards portability.