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Over 55s are ignored by retailers

31 January 2017 - 09:42 by David Aiken

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Eighty two per cent of people aged 55 or over believe that they are not being prioritised by businesses in the retail sector, according to a survey from ICLP.

This means that most consumers who fall into this group are highly unlikely to remain loyal to a particular firm, with 95 per cent stating that they would happily switch to a rival outlet without the need for much convincing.

The over 55s questioned in the study said that their needs were not being met by retailers operating via safe shopping online or in the high street. They also suggested a number of improvements which could be made to increase their loyalty and win their custom.

Those in this demographic are especially keen to receive rewards and incentives for shopping with specific retailers, with loyalty schemes likely to keep them onboard and compel them to keep coming back for more.

Respondents also said that a retailer’s ability to communicate was essential, since being able to field queries and questions as well as dealing with complaints are all seen as vital to the quality of the overall experience.

Furthermore, the over 55s believe that reliability is one of the key assets that a retailer must be able to demonstrate. So when they place an order online, they expect their items to arrive promptly and in perfect condition, rather than having to accept the likelihood that issues may arise in the interim.

E-commerce is no longer a new prospect for most Brits, but is an ever-growing part of the retail market that has operated for more than two decades. So the over 55s are not technophobes, but rather savvy shoppers who have high expectations about what should be offered to them - expectations which may not always be met.