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Online Store from Primark Coming

03 May 2019 - 13:05 by Sarah Collinson

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Budget clothing chain Primark is set to test its first ever e-commerce site in a bid to break into the market for safe shopping online that is enjoying solid growth in the UK.

The Mirror reports that company chief executive Paul Marchant said that it would take at least 12 months for the fresh platform to be developed and perfected, so it will not be open for business until 2020 at the earliest. Even so, the news that such a powerful high street brand is finally moving to the web in an official capacity will be exciting for customers across the country.

While store closures and falling sales have proven a problem for many of the biggest bricks-and-mortar retailers in Britain, Primark has managed to buck this trend and recently opened its largest ever outlet in the heart of Birmingham. The fact that it is doubling down on its high street success by entering the e-commerce market is a reflection of the confidence that it feels in its position at the moment.

As consumer confidence is currently at a low ebb, it is low-cost retail brands like Primark that are feeling the benefits of ongoing uncertainty. The same trend is reflected in the food sector, where Sainsbury’s recently reported a dramatic drop in profits, in stark contrast to the growth enjoyed by the likes of Aldi and Lidl.

Online shopping has allowed consumers in the UK to be far more discerning and frugal without having to make compromises in terms of the brands they buy or the quality of service they can enjoy. Primark will need to match its competitors with its pricing, but it will also need to make sure that its online store is able to perform well when it is finally launched.