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Online shopping fuels popularity of colourful clothes

07 January 2014 - 10:28 by Sarah Collinson

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A new report has revealed that bright, vivid dresses and those with colourful prints are becoming increasingly popular as a result of safe shopping online, with darker tones being pushed to the bottom of the priority list, according to the Telegraph.

Fashion is influenced by all sorts of things, but it is intriguing to see the internet having such a marked impact on what people are choosing to wear.

The figures, published by, indicated that twice as many colourful items of clothing are sold compared to the proportion of black and dark dresses which fly off the digital shelves.

A similar story is present at online fashion powerhouse, Asos, which revealed that almost two thirds of its items sold fall into the colourful camp.

The obvious reason for this dip in interest is that when shopping online, you are necessarily viewing pictures of clothing in two dimensions on a computer, tablet or smartphone display.

While colourful dresses can still stand out and catch the eye of the consumer in this format, black dresses are harder to highlight and can end up looking dull by comparison, even if they present quite a different impact in the flesh.

Many online retailers are attempting to integrate digital dressing rooms into the e-commerce experience, which would make it possible for people to get a better idea of what clothing will look like, once it is actually being worn, thus addressing the issue to a certain degree.

Of course, the companies which are responsible for creating dresses and other fashion items are latching onto the trend for colour, resulting in a market which is geared towards brightness and vibrancy, rather than classic, muted hues.

This could create an environment in which colourful garments gain the majority of consumer attention and leave everything else with a diminishing slice of the pie.