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Online retailers targeting M-Commerce as market grows

02 July 2010 - 12:31 by

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A new study of the firms that drive ecommerce has found that an overwhelming majority of retailers are planning to develop, or already have a plan of action that relates to making the jump to the mobile market.

Retailers of all types are creating mobile websites or dedicated applications for smartphones which will allow users to make purchases when they are on the move, according to a report published by Forrester Research.

20 per cent of ecommerce businesses have already carried out plans to exploit the exponential growth of m-commerce and a further 74 per cent are either acting to develop strategies or gathering the resources necessary to enter the mobile market at this point in time. This means that, in total, 94 per cent of online retailers are showing an active interest in m-commerce.

Online retail expert Scott Silverman said that retailers were following the consumer penchant for smartphone technology and mobile internet connectivity to make safe shopping online available not just at any time, but in any location.

Mr Silverman also said that online retailers would be able to develop their brands and increase their overall site traffic and sales by gaining a foothold in the mobile market, adding that the high uptake shows that many firms understand the potential of m-commerce.

The report concludes that many retailers are using their mobile sites to attract those that might be shopping online to come into the high street outlets using mobile vouchers and exclusive deals, signifying that m-commerce might actually be beneficial rather than destructive to traditional retailing.

The average spend on mobile sites and applications by retailers this year will be almost £120,000, according to the report, with much of this going into security to ensure that safe shopping online is possible on the mobile platform. Those firms with businesses based solely on the internet will require far less investment, the report concluded.