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Online retailers are vexing UK consumers with poor site design

18 November 2013 - 13:32 by Graham Miller

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A new study published this month by Peer 1 Hosting, has found that almost three quarters of British adults would be more inclined to spend cash online if they were assured of getting a better e-commerce experience.

As it stands, 70 per cent of the 1,000 people questioned in the survey said that they were being stifled from making fuller use of retail sites because of issues with the way that they are designed.

In the run up to Christmas many retailers are putting the finishing touches to new sites and services, which are hoped to court the favour of potential customers, so it seems that some will do better than others in winning over the public.

The majority of respondents said that if they find that an e-commerce site does not feel slick and easy to use, they will head off to a rival retailer's e-commerce site to make their purchase. Under a fifth said that they would be inclined to visit a retailer's high street outlet if dissatisfied with the experience of safe shopping online.

Consumers were asked to list their biggest gripes with current e-commerce sites, with poor navigation and menus coming high up the agenda. Many said that they were annoyed with the process of having to create an account with lots of different retailers before they could even buy anything.

Sluggish delivery times and slow page loading times were also cited, as well as a lack of variety offered by certain sites, with some brands not being sold.

A number of big name retailers were cited as having put off some consumers, but it is still easier to shop online than to head to the packed high street as the festive season approaches.