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Online purchases made solely via smartphones on the rise

20 October 2016 - 09:20 by Paul Tissington

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A fifth of people are now regularly choosing to research, pinpoint and ultimately purchase products and services using only their mobile handsets, according to a new study from Tryzens.

One thousand consumers who are comfortable with the idea of carrying out safe shopping online were questioned in the report, with almost two thirds saying that they prefer to use smartphones rather than desktop PCs, laptops or tablets, because of the convenience they offer.

Being able to shop from any location at any time of day is the main draw of mobiles, which are the most portable shopping portal around. And this is continuing to change habits on the high street as well.

Eighty two per cent of people who make a purchase from a bricks and mortar store have already looked up the items via the internet. Respondents said that being able to find out product information and compare prices before buying was a major reason to make use of e-commerce sites.

Report spokesperson, Andy Burton, described smartphones as being incredibly versatile and heavily influential in a number of areas, having an impact on everything from safe shopping online to the way people socialise. He said that for anyone under the age of 45, a smartphone was an essential gadget and one which greatly expanded their retail horizons.

Burton said that this report shows how important it is for retailers to adapt their services to cater first and foremost to mobile users, since although not all purchases are made via this medium, it is influential throughout the buying process.

From designing well optimised sites which are easy to use from portable devices to making sure that the checkout process is easy to complete, appealing to smartphone owners is seen as the best way for shops to boost sales.