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Online Price Fluctuations Revealed

15 April 2020 - 14:31 by Paul Tissington

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A variety of knock-on effects of the national lockdown, the closure of high street stores and the rise in demand for safe shopping online have been reported in recent weeks, with variations in pricing being just the latest element to be put under the microscope.

Analysts at Love the Sales published a report last week in which the number of retailers which operate both online and on the high street had doubled the number of discounts available on certain products. There has also been an 85 per cent increase in demand for luxury brands - probably as a result of standard brands selling out and plenty of consumers therefore forced to pay extra for top-end equivalents of certain products.

The study also found that, in line with the results of other reports published since working from home became mandatory for millions of people, there has been a significant rise in the number of people searching for tops to wear while not bothering to seek out any kind of clothing for the lower halves of their body. This means consumers are happy to slouch around in jeans or jogging bottoms while making their upper bodies more presentable so that they can participate in video conferencing.

Consumers are also rushing to snap up kit to help them stay fit at home, with demand for kettle bells quadrupling and prices for this type of product also rising by a steep 55 per cent, according to Internet Retailing.

Price rises across home exercise equipment have been reported, showing that while it is possible to grab a bargain on certain items, others are becoming less affordable as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

With retailers of all kinds struggling to adapt to the changing circumstances, it is interesting to see how consumers are being impacted by peaks and troughs of demand.