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Online delivery times impacted by migrant issues

11 August 2015 - 11:13 by Simon Crisp

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Although placing an order for an item via safe shopping online can feel like it is a fairly futuristic activity, the reality is that the product in question still needs to make its way to your front door using the UK’s various transport networks. And, at some point, it will need to travel via road, which means that any kind of disruption can lead to delays.

With ongoing issues involving the Channel Tunnel and the ferry service as a result of migrant activities, consumers in the UK may find that the availability of certain items and the amount of times it takes for them to be delivered, could be adversely effected, according to TameBay.

An announcement made by online auction giant, eBay, this week confirmed that the amount of time it takes for orders placed through safe shopping online to arrive with customers could be increased, on average, as a result of the actions and the transport issues they are causing.

The official statement did say that the increase will only be temporary and is largely dependent on how quickly authorities are able to resolve the problems that are occurring at the borders.

Of course, for people who are ordering products that are already on UK soil, the chances are that they will not be too delayed. But it may be that this has a long term impact, with the knock-on effect of delays today leading to a shortage of certain items further down the line.

It will be interesting to see whether other retailers join eBay in admitting to the likelihood of delays, as it seems that the auction site cannot be the only company to recognise that customers may experience hold-ups. It is also uncertain just how long the issues will persist and what measures companies can take to recover.