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Older shoppers embrace e-commerce

19 December 2013 - 10:08 by Simon Crisp

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Although safe shopping online is typically seen as something that mainly the younger generations enjoy, a new report from the Kailxa Group, has found that a growing number of those aged over 65 are turning to e-commerce this Christmas.

Fifty eight per cent of 66 to 88-year-olds questioned in the study said that they carry out online shopping on a regular basis, which shows that this group has closed the gap on the national average to the point that it is almost irrelevant.

Just over a third of older respondents said that they are sure of the security levels offered by e-commerce sites, which means that they are actually more trusting of the idea that retailers will offer them the chance to experience safe shopping online without any issues.

The report also found that so-called silver surfers are less likely to be disgruntled with their e-commerce experience, with only a fifth saying that they have a problem with the requirement of new account creation whenever they want to buy something from a different website.

The over 65s are also happier with having to remember passwords to log into retail sites, which means that they are generally less fussy about the way that online shopping operates than younger people.

The report spokesperson, Ed Chandler, said that with more members of the older generation using the web to buy products rather than heading out to the cold and crowd-filled high street this Christmas, there could be a marked shift in where sales are generated.

He also explained that older people were keen to shop in a relaxed environment, which is why being able to buy online from the comfort of home is desirable and another asset that will help with the growth of sales made online.