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Novel new cashback site launched

30 May 2012 - 09:55 by Graham Miller

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There has been a spate of cashback websites popping up in recent months, allowing you to earn rewards for carrying out your normal stints of safe shopping online. But new service Yipiii aims to introduce the element of chance into the experience for e-commerce fans in the UK.

Under the skin the site operates like many other cashback services, allowing you to earn money off the products you love or get funds in return for your custom. However, it introduces a spinning wheel into the mix, which gives you the opportunity to get the item you are shopping for completely free of charge.

Basically when you pick a particular item to purchase, which could be an iPhone or one of many other popular products, you pay £1 to activate the wheel system, which then dictates whether you can get the item for free.

The good news is that even if you do not win, you get the £1 you spend on the spin taken off the price of the product that you were going to buy via safe shopping online anyway. 

As well as winning items you can win free spins to help you get even more chances of nabbing something for nothing.

Yipiii allows you to transfer your discounts to any one of its 700,000 products and it operates in tandem with a number of big name retailers, including Debenhams and Amazon.

This type of e-commerce activity may not be for everyone, but since you may be spending the money elsewhere with no chance of a freebie, it could make sense for some consumers to give it a go.

Australian entrepreneur, Christoph Klingler, is the man behind the Yipiii concept and he said that he wants to give consumers the chance to play to win products they might not usually be able to afford, while the money they invest is transferrable to items that they actually can.