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New Device Offers Guaranteed Safe Shopping Online

18 February 2010 - 15:34 by David Aiken

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Although there are a wide variety of reputable, verified consumer sites from whom it is safe to buy, it is true that certain other online shopping resources can represent something of a security risk. Perhaps chief amongst the methods used by thieves for gaining shoppers' details from such compromised sites is using malicious software such as Keylogger to 'skim' credit card information right as shoppers type it in on insecure pages. However, a USB device known as SmartSwipe, designed by NetSecure Technologies, promises to keep shoppers' card information hidden and safe - even if their computers are infected by the worst of malware.

Termed by NetSecure Technologies as, 'the world's first truly secure personal credit card reader,' the device seems to offer an intriguing solution to the problem as to how to eliminate online vulnerability when shopping. As the SmartSwipe encrypts credit card information instantly (unlike manually typing in the information - which is then encrypted by the shopping site), the device seems to ensure that card details never exist on the web in an unencrypted state. Such an approach appears likely to confound even the smartest of thieves behind 'Phishing' sites, as any information gained by unsavoury sources would always be in a highly encrypted state. Additionally, as the device does not store user details internally, there would be no need to worry about theft of sensitive information were it to be lost or stolen.

In short, the SmartSwipe seems to be the hardware alternative to Paypal's software solution for removing explicit entry of card details from shopping online. Only time will tell if the device becomes a success, but its aspiration to protect usable financial information seems an admirable step towards the continued practice of safe shopping online.