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New app promises to improve online fashion shopping

27 March 2014 - 12:10 by Mike Price

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A new app, developed by Westfield and Snap Fashion, is aiming to change the way that consumers engage with clothing online, as well as on the highstreet, according to the Express.

The app is known as #editme, which is a reference to the fact that it is not just about helping you shop online, but actively enabling you to determine the best fashion products to buy, if you are going for a particular look.

What sets the app apart from similar competitors is that it comes with photo recognition capabilities. Basically, you can upload a snap and it will analyse the image, identifying the clothes that are featured and then letting you know which brand is responsible for making them and where you can buy them.

This is great for people who like to look at celebrity pics and then attempt to emulate the look of their favourite fashionable stars, because it means there is no more guesswork involved in constructing a similar style.

Because the app has been created in partnership with Westfield, it also blends access to information on which of the outlets at its real world shopping centres have certain items in stock, so people who prefer to head to bricks and mortar outlets before they buy have that option.

Spokesperson, Myf Ryan, said that the idea was not only to make it easier for consumers to cobble together clothing based on imagery sourced from the web or their own lives, but also to cut the time taken up by shopping around.

Blending shopping online with real world retail is also a benefit of the app, from the retailer's point of view, because people are encouraged to use both when they decide to buy.