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Multitasking tablet owners enjoy online shopping and simultaneous TV watching

27 June 2011 - 15:38 by Graham Miller

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With the number of UK tablet users increasing by the day it is no surprise to find that recent figures show more people are getting on with things like safe shopping online on their portable device at the same time as streaming TV shows to keep them entertained.

By keeping two browser tabs open or by watching video content preloaded on their device, close to 75 per cent of people who use tablets take to watching movies and shows when carrying out their online retail.

Research conducted by Shopzilla has revealed these statistics and spokesperson, Rachel Smith, said that m-commerce is making significant strides in 2011, resulting in major alterations to retailer strategies as they attempt to capture this emerging market.

In the UK about six per cent of consumers have invested in a tablet, but it is thought that in 12 months time around 20 per cent of the population might have joined this category. While Apple's iPad is a dominant force at the moment there are many alternatives out there, including the Motorola Xoom and BlackBerry Playbook.

Sixty six per cent of respondents said that carrying out safe shopping online using a tablet is an experience equal to that of browsing on a laptop or desktop computer.

Perhaps the best news for manufacturers is that people do not buy tablets in order to replace their current collection of gadgets, but instead use them to supplement their existing electronic gizmos.

Media consumption is on the rise, with UK users regularly absorbing more hours of entertainment in a shorter space of time thanks to devices like tablets. Watching a TV show and looking for a bargain makes the shopping process more fun for everyone, so it is easy to see how the uptake of tablets is going to blossom.