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Multichannel shoppers are big spenders, report finds

09 May 2018 - 11:33 by Paul Tissington

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Consumers who spread their stints of safe shopping online across several different devices tend to splash out greater amounts than those who stick to just one.

This is according to a new survey from CJ Affiliate, which revealed that on average a fan of multichannel retail will have a 23 per cent higher average rate of spending.

Smartphone shoppers tend to be even more prolific with their e-commerce, putting down 37 per cent more cash than is typically seen across the entire population.

Report spokesperson, Owen Hancock, said that retailers should not be worried about multichannel habits, but should instead do all they can to engage with customers who are willing to take a bit more time before committing to a purchase.

He said that people who shop online on more than one device are usually building up to buying a more valuable item, hence their caution. This means that it is just as important to court those who are conducting research prior to a sale as it is to get impulse buyers through to the checkout quickly.

Interestingly, in spite of the power that mobile devices now hold over the e-commerce market, most people still prefer to finalise any purchase via a desktop or laptop device.

Computers with bigger screens apparently hold a lot of importance to consumers, even if they begin searching for products from their smartphone.

Hancock said that it was necessary for retailers to be able to track customers across multiple devices in order to best cater to their needs and establish their shopping habits. This would let them work out if there are any issues that are being encountered along the way, putting them in a good position to improve the e-commerce expectance for everyone.