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Multichannel retailing taken to new heights

03 August 2011 - 09:35 by Simon Crisp

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One retailer is taking the lead in combining the convenience of safe shopping online with the immediacy of the high street, by allowing consumers to pay for goods in person and then get them delivered to their homes.

The Original Factory Shop (OFS), is making sure that people who buy goods at bricks and mortar outlets are able to choose from the same wide range of items that they could only normally discover online. They can then buy the products with cash or card, avoiding any security concerns and expect their items to be delivered by courier so that they do not need to lug them home in the car.

This is obviously an ideal solution for anyone who is buying bulky items which might be unwieldy if you do not have the manpower or luggage space to get them from the shop to your property.

Spokesperson, Tricia Bagge, said that the last 12 months have seen the e-commerce sector make significant gains, while the high street has faltered, but she pointed out that all of these great deals available online are only open to those with web connections.

By combining the variety and prices of e-commerce with the accessibility of the high street, OFS is intending to capture those who want to experience this hybrid and get the best of both worlds.

Ms Bagge explained that there are some who feel nervous about passing on payment card details to e-commerce sites and so giving them the opportunity to pay for products in cash and then have them delivered will definitely be appealing.

Of course people who have put their trust in respected online retailers will appreciate that security is generally excellent as long as you carry out safe shopping online with the right firms and only share information when comfortable.