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Mobile Shopping Set to Accelerate on February 14th

13 February 2020 - 09:43 by Simon Crisp

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Millions of consumers from across the UK will be flocking to their smartphones to carry out safe shopping online this Valentine’s Day, according to predictions made by Adjust.

This is based on past data, which reveals that m-commerce activity tends to spike by at least 11 per cent on the 14th of February as people rush to snap up gifts for their loved ones as well as to make bookings at restaurants ahead of the big evening itself.

The report looks into the other aspects of app use on Valentine’s Day, with entertainment apps benefiting from a 24 per cent uptick in activity as people play romantic tunes while they dine at home or watch video content on various devices.

Even more of a sales surge is seen on apps which allow people to order takeaway deliveries, with a 26 per cent rise in this type of purchase anticipated on Friday this week.

Of course, not everyone chooses to spend Valentine’s Day eating, drinking and giving presents to their partners; with a six per cent increase in gaming-related app use expected, there are plenty of people who also like to indulge in a spot of interactive entertainment together.

Online shopping has evolved to the point that it is suitable for last-minute purchases for big events like Valentine’s Day, with click and collect as well as same-day delivery meaning that gift-giving can be as spontaneous as possible.

Smartphones have made this practice even more appealing, since consumers no longer need to think about what they want to buy until they have a few minutes spare during the working day or on their commute. This might seem like it has taken some of the romance out of the 14th of February, but in reality it has actually given shoppers more choice.