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Millennial shopping habits investigated

13 June 2018 - 09:36 by Sarah Collinson

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A new report has revealed that although shopping online is still growing, the under-35s remain committed to bricks and mortar retail.

Four out of five people questioned in the 2018 Retail Sector Report from I-AM said that they went on a day out that involved shopping as the main activity at least once in the past 30 days. Half of all consumers said that they did this on a weekly basis.

Three quarters of respondents said that they tended to prefer the experience of buying in stores as opposed to carrying out safe shopping online. Furthermore the high street is the option that most people pick, with a little over a third saying that they favoured shopping malls, according to Internet Retailing.

In spite of this apparently rosy outlook for bricks and mortar outlets, there are still some millennial shopping habits that are shifting as a result of the impact of safe shopping online.

Forty six per cent of people believe that the staff working at real world outlets actually get in the way of the overall experience. Twenty eight per cent said that they would be willing to visit shops that did not have a staff presence whatsoever.

Meanwhile, 73 per cent said that getting products delivered direct to their homes was preferable to picking them up in person via a click and collect scheme. Consumers are also keen to see click and collect experiences improved to give them more flexibility and make it easier to return unwanted items.

High street chains are struggling to survive, with House of Fraser recently becoming the latest casualty to fall to the rise of e-commerce. This study reveals the need to make sure that the generation which grew up with online shopping get an integrated, all-encompassing experience wherever they choose to shop.