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M-commerce spend to top £4.5 billion in 2012

08 February 2012 - 11:28 by Paul Tissington

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UK consumers are going to be leading the way when it comes to safe shopping online via a mobile phone, according to yet another study which indicates the growing popularity of this retail activity.

In 2012, a rise of m-commerce by 53 per cent is being predicted by the Centre for Retail Research, which will generate about £4.5 billion in revenue.

When compared with other countries in Europe, the UK is clearly in the lead, as Germany's £2.7 billion and France's £1.9 billion predicted m-commerce spends this year will not match Brits' love of mobile shopping.

Smartphone uptake has meant that about 25 million consumers in the UK now have a smartphone and each of these devices is capable of allowing them to enjoy safe shopping online.

Just two years ago, only £700 million was spent via m-commerce in the UK, but if 2012's estimates are reached, then it will represent a growth of 584 per cent.

M-commerce is growing at a rate which far outstrips that of the overall e-commerce market, which is expected to expand by 14 per cent this year. Eight per cent of this total will be attributed to mobile devices, which suggests that there is still much more growth which could be registered in the future.

Part of the reason for the UK's love of m-commerce is that we also love mobile technology itself. Smartphone ownership across Europe is at 38 per cent, or roughly 123 million handsets, but in the UK this level climbs to 46 per cent and it should top 50 per cent in 2012.

The average annual amount spent via m-commerce in the UK was £192 last year, with Norway's £160 and Sweden's £147 averages putting them in second and third place, respectively.