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Marks & Spencer brings outlet shopping online

22 February 2012 - 10:50 by Sarah Collinson

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The discount clothes available direct from Marks & Spencer's high street outlet stores will now be offered via a new e-commerce site, organised by the retailer in conjunction with Amazon.

Customers who carry out safe shopping online through this new platform will be able to benefit from savings of up to 40 per cent when compared with the recommended retail prices of the various items which are available.

M&S has a network of more than 50 outlet shops located across the country, but until this week it was not possible to get the same prices and products from its existing e-commerce site.

If you order before the 4th of March you can get free delivery, provided your order totals more than £30. An additional 10 per cent will be deducted from the price of your order if you enter your email address into the M&S mailing list.

Because Amazon is central to this platform for safe shopping online, those with an existing account with the retailer are able to quickly sign into the M&S outlet site.

Interestingly, the outlet endeavour is one of M&S' multitude of new online services which it is trialling in order to expand its reach across multiple platforms. Eventually it should be integrated into the wider M&S ecommerce network, which should be completely independent from any Amazon service by 2013.

M&S chief exec, Marc Bolland, has been a key supporter of the retailer's move to online independence, because at the moment its links with Amazon mean that it is not in total control of its e-commerce presence and has to rely on a middle man to conduct business online.

With fashion items selling well over the web and discount prices always welcomed by consumers, M&S could have a successful launch for its outlet service.