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Loopholes in Amazon’s new minimum spend for free delivery uncovered

07 May 2015 - 09:53 by David Aiken

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Last week it was revealed that Amazon has raised the minimum amount that customers need to spend when placing an order so as to be eligible for Super Saver free delivery. Now people will need to buy at least £20 worth of products online to avoid having to pay for postage, rather than the previous £10 minimum.

However, the Mirror reports that there are a few loopholes being discovered by shoppers to get free delivery form Amazon without meeting the increased spending requirements. And although the retailer is likely to clamp down on such practices in the near future, some people are likely to exploit them for as long as it is possible to do so.

The first loophole suggested is the most legitimate option available to consumers and will appeal to those who do not want to game the system. In short, getting free delivery is possible by just waiting until you need to buy products online that will cost more than the £20 minimum.

Even if it takes a week or two for you to rack up enough items in your digital shopping basket to achieve this, free delivery is still available and may end up saving you a significant amount, particularly on smaller items.

Alternatively, the true loophole involves pre-ordering an item at the same time as buying a product which is available now but is worth less than £20. The total order will be over the minimum amount and thus free delivery can be claimed, but you can simply cancel the pre-ordered item without having to pay for it and save yourself the shipping costs.

Do not expect this loophole to stick around for long, which is why perhaps the best option for any regular Amazon users is to simply invest in a Prime subscription.