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kea’s Latest Acquisition Promises to Improve Online Shopping Experience for Customers

09 April 2020 - 09:45 by David Aiken

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Flat-pack furniture firm Ikea has snapped up an American company which specialises in artificial intelligence imaging solutions, with the aim being to allow customers to plan room layouts and achieve other impressive things using its m-commerce app.

The technology which Ikea will be able to add harness following the acquisition of Geomagical Labs will enable app users to generate a three-dimensional map of their living spaces simply by snapping a few pictures using their smartphone’s built-in camera.

With the 3D model that is created through the power of AI, it will then be possible to populate this virtual space with Ikea products in order to see both how they look and whether they will fit in with the area available and the rest of the decor.

Ikea has already been at the forefront of enhancing the experience of carrying out safe shopping online using a smartphone, with its app already offering augmented reality capabilities to help users come to a decision about whether a product is right for them.

The addition of AI imaging technology will mean that customers are empowered further, which should also help Ikea to cut down on the number of returns it has to accommodate.

Another feature which has arrived on the Ikea app recently is automated interior design advice, which once again makes use of AI and AR to translate pictures of customers’ homes into actionable guidance delivered via the app.

This kind of groundbreaking technology is cropping up in a number of other retail apps, although Ikea certainly seems to be leading the way with its use in the home furnishings market segment. Rivals may need to license its solutions if they want to stand a chance of competing with the Swedish giant.