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John Lewis launches world-wide e-commerce scheme

18 July 2011 - 14:00 by Simon Crisp

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High street department store chain John Lewis has recently begun offering safe shopping online not only to its customers in the UK, but also to those located across Europe and beyond, in a drive to make its brand internationally known.

John Lewis is gradually expanding the reach of its e-commerce site, improving the number of countries to which it will deliver products. For a postage cost of £7.50, you can already pick up John Lewis goods in France, Germany, Italy and a number of other western European nations.

The ultimate goal will be achieved in the autumn when John Lewis goes global and online purchases will be available for delivery in everywhere from New Zealand to Singapore and South Africa.

There will be some restrictions on what you can actually get delivered when you carry out safe shopping online with John Lewis from an international location. To help quickly pinpoint the products which can be bought there is a search filter which only shows you things that can be packaged up for transcontinental travel.

One group of people most likely to take full advantage of John Lewis' new e-commerce strategy is expats, who have grown up with the brand in the UK, but moved abroad and found it impossible to enjoy the same service and experience.

John Lewis could well find that international customers start picking up its clothing and fashion items because most of these are eligible for far flung delivery and some of the brands and styles will simply not be available anywhere outside of the UK unless you shop online with the firm.

Many more e-commerce companies are starting to increase the amount of cross-border trade they carry out and, in fact, this kind of activity is being promoted by the EU and others to help stimulate economies.