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John Lewis Adopts VR Tech for Home Product Previews

07 June 2019 - 10:31 by Mike Price

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Customers who carry out safe shopping online with department chain John Lewis will soon be able to take advantage of virtual reality headsets in order to see what items will look like up close and personal without having to visit a store.

Internet Retailing reports that the new service being rolled out by the firm will not just be limited to VR gear but will also be compatible with tablet devices and augmented reality solutions.

All of this functionality is baked into an app that is able to create a 3D environment within which different objects can be placed. Once the user has set things up to their liking they will be able to click through to buy the products they have arranged direct from John Lewis.

This immersive experience is something which a growing number of retailers are adopting, allowing them to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical worlds in a way that combines the best of both.

Company spokesperson Caitlin Price pointed out that in many cases customers of John Lewis are dissuaded from committing to an online purchase because they are worried about how the product will look once it arrives on their doorsteps. Using VR, AR and 3D app software overcomes this issue and means that even if a user cannot get to a bricks-and-mortar store, they can still experience items at first hand.

This is not just about assessing the physical size and shape of home furnishings but also seeing how designs and colours fit in with the aesthetic of a room. Being able to add multiple products to the same virtual space, picking and choosing from a wide range of options, is an empowering kind of personalisation that no doubt many customers will appreciate.