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Inebriated e-commerce use is expensive

08 May 2012 - 12:59 by Graham Miller

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A new study has found that the impact of having one glass too many and logging on to your favourite retail site can be quite financially significant, according to the Daily Mail.

Comparison site, Kelkoo, has published the results of a survey, in which it asked UK consumers who love safe shopping online to estimate how much money they have spent via e-commerce while tipsy.

A previous investigation into this topic found that 43 per cent of us have indulged in online shopping following a few alcoholic beverages. However, the more recent poll put the figure at closer to one in seven, which either means that the sample was less honest about its habits or people have become better at avoiding any unwanted post pub purchases.

Unsurprisingly, the new study found that people are most likely to use safe shopping online while drunk between the hours of 11pm and 1am, with about one per cent of people spending over £500 in a single purchase, which they later come to regret.

Interestingly, it may be the recession which is helping some people to curtail their love of impulse buying, even while drunk. YouGov found in a poll that the number of spur of the moment online purchases has actually fallen since the economic downturn, although drink has the power to free inhibitions and can clearly override the better judgement of many British consumers.

The best online retailers will usually allow you to return products with relative ease, which is very useful if you have spent money on something while intoxicated, that you later regret. This is why it is worth seeking out the reputable firms which have a track record of excellent customer service and will be more than able to deal with your little problems.