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Improvements to Online Shopping Added to Chrome Browser

05 July 2019 - 09:24 by Graham Miller

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Google is eager to get more of its users enjoying safe shopping online via its Chrome browser software, according to Slash Gear.

The search giant is streamlining the payment process by allowing people to access their saved details across multiple devices. All that is necessary for this cross-platform functionality to work is for them to sign into their Google account within Chrome, whether on a compatible desktop or mobile device.

The upshot of this is that when customers get through to the checkout page of a given e-commerce site, a lot of their details will be automatically filled in by the browser.

This is not just about making it more convenient to shop online using Chrome - it is also aimed at enhancing security and lessening the likelihood that users will be hit by fraud.

What makes this feature all the more impressive is that it is not reliant on the Chrome Sync feature. As such there is no need to transfer over all of a user’s details to a new device when it is used.

There are certain caveats to keep in mind, chief amongst which is the fact that this will only be supported by shopping sites which are compatible with Google Pay. Since this is true of a growing number of mainstream outlets, it should not be much of a problem.

Another thing to think about is that Chrome’s auto-fill capabilities stop short of including the card’s CVC security number. This needs to be entered manually by the user, since this prevents potential vulnerabilities from arising.

Google has been looking into various methods of getting users to channel their online purchases and payments through its platforms. This latest addition to Chrome’s arsenal is yet another option which could win over customers.