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Improvements to App Ecosystem Could Boost Mobile Shopping

26 June 2020 - 09:29 by Paul Tissington

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Smartphone giant Apple announced details of new improvements to its iOS platform this week, including a range of changes that will overhaul the way that applications are able to function within it. This could make a big difference for brands that want to connect with customers directly with standalone software and encourage them to carry out safe shopping online from their mobile devices.

One of these features is known as ‘App Clips’ and essentially allows a specific aspect of an app to be activated quickly without launching the full program. For example, this could allow customers to conduct payments on the move or look up product information by scanning QR codes with greater ease, according to Internet Retailing.

Cross-platform compatibility is also being bolstered, meaning that apps will be more interoperable across not only iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad but also within the rest of Apple’s ecosystem covering its desktop and laptop Mac range of computers.

Another revamped feature will allow apps to act as widgets on the home screen of an iPhone. This means that they will be more interactive and information-rich, able to display relevant information to users on the fly. This could be harnessed by retailers to promote their latest sales and offers.

Finally, a retail-focused app benefit comes in the form of an all-in-one sign-in solution that lets users link their Apple accounts to whatever applications they download with one click. This saves lots of time that would otherwise be spent entering personal information with each new install and will mean that customers are able to get through to the checkout of an e-commerce app without having to go through the same rigmarole time after time, which should help with spurring on impulse purchases in an m-commerce context.