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Impact of Search Engines on Retail Analysed

19 December 2019 - 21:45 by Graham Miller

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A study conducted by Yext has shown that search engines are once again the most influential platform in the world of safe shopping online, with more consumers looking for products and clicking through to e-commerce sites in quick succession.

Analysts recorded a 20 per cent increase in customer actions in the UK over the past year, meaning people are not only faster to act when searching but also more willing to engage with the results they are presented with. This demonstrates a growing level of trust in the information being presented to users of search engines.

Another factor outlined in the report is the 35 per cent uptick in the number of reviews published over the course of 2019. There is clearly demand for feedback from both users and professionals alike, allowing consumers to find out about products that are available without having to rely solely on the manufacturer’s description and marketing.

Study spokesperson Jon Buss said that search engines remained the first port of call for people who want to buy online. He also said that they were having an impact on the high street as well, with shoppers looking for instant access to information relating to local outlets, such as opening times and product availability.

The searches and clicks recorded over the course of 2019 paint an interesting picture of consumer habits throughout the year. The spring sees a combination of queries relating to cold-fighting healthcare products and new cars, the summer sees spending on fashion and outdoor activities, while the autumn is all about back to school shopping and festive season preparations.

The power of search engines is well known, although in recent years the rise of social media had threatened to dethrone them, or at least disrupt their use. These statistics show that the likes of Google are very much in control.