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Ikea plans further rollout of online shopping services

23 October 2014 - 11:55 by Simon Crisp

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Although Ikea has bricks and mortar stores in 27 countries across the globe at the moment, in only 13 of these nations does it also give customers the chance to carry out safe shopping online.

This is all set to change, as the furniture retailer sets out on a period of major expansion, with plans to make its presence felt on the international e-commerce market, according to the Daily Mail.

By the end of the decade, Ikea is anticipating that it will be putting in almost £40 billion in revenue each year, according to chief executive, Peter Agnefjail. But reaching this goal will only be possible if it introduces the ability to enjoy safe shopping online to customers in the majority of the regions where it operates.

There are a number of economic factors which make now the perfect time to grow Ikea’s online presence, according to Mr Agnefjail. This includes falling levels of unemployment and increasing confidence amongst both consumers and investors.

Customers in the UK can already use Ikea’s website to make online purchases and arrange for home deliveries, so the company is not completely new to the concept of e-commerce. But setting up a global network of shopping sites is no small task and it will be interesting to see how the company copes with its new found responsibilities.

No doubt, it will take lessons learned from operating in the UK’s mature e-commerce market and apply them to its global expansion, as other retailers have done in the past.

Mr Agnefjail spoke about shifting consumer habits this week, pointing out that although its 315 real world stores have allowed it to establish an international footprint, Ikea needs to keep pace with its customers and give them the chance to shop online.