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House of Fraser planning new e-commerce strategies

09 June 2011 - 15:39 by Graham Miller

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Retail chain House of Fraser is investing in new initiatives to enhance its outlets for shopping online, looking in to the ways in which social networking and search tools can help it capture a larger portion of the market in 2011.

Last year the firm took home £50 million from online sales and it is looking to double this amount by the end of 2011, which is an admittedly ambitious aim, but one which is definitely not beyond such a well known brand.

One of its key targets is to get its range of fashion and accessories out there and available for as wide an audience as possible. Search engine optimisation is going to be used to make sure its pages rank higher than its rivals and it is looking into making its e-commerce site much more user-friendly, to ensure consumers are more likely to commit to a purchase when they make their first visit.

House of Fraser spokesperson, Andy Harding, said that it is seeking the assistance of two third party organisations to work on its search ranking and social media impact this year. He also said that House of Fraser wants to optimise its ability to operate on multiple channels and take the lead when it comes to safe shopping online.

Social media guru, Robin Grant, said that he was excited to be taking the reins of the retailer's presence on popular networks and explained that the various plans for the coming year would see the brand become much more visible across the web.

The focus of the online shopping experience with House of Fraser will be the customer, according to the company, although quite how it hopes to achieve this particular aim remains to be seen over the coming months.