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Monitor Add a site to launch m-commerce site

14 September 2010 - 09:56 by David Aiken

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Accommodation booking site, which already offers safe shopping online for those wanting to travel to many international destinations, has announced that it will be getting into the mobile market with a fully operational m-commerce site.

The site, which has been optimised for smartphones and will allow customers to make bookings and search its extensive listings when they are out and about, is set to become the subject of a widespread advertising campaign. is hoping to bring it to the attention of a wide audience in the UK, across Europe and the Middle East.

The firm has been working to ensure that whether you own an Apple iPhone or a mobile, running the Google Android platform you will be able to get the most out of its mobile site.'s Bastiaan Ellen said that the firm had never made a leap like this into the mobile market and as a result it was anticipating that the popularity of mobile internet usage would allow it to increase its income and reach more customers.

The first signs of the campaign to promote the mobile site should go live within the next few weeks throughout the countries in which it will be available for use, which includes Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

This is certainly a significant launch for the m-commerce sector, as it will make booking accommodation from a smartphone a simple task. It will be useful to business users on a regular basis, with average consumers also being able to take advantage when they are on holiday.

Offering the security of safe shopping online to people via their mobiles is something which many more big name firms are attempting to supply. It will be interesting to see how quickly the uptake of this type of service will be over the coming months.